• Vision

  • Logistics

  • Execution

EAC provides start-to-finish consulting services for boards looking to make amenity and common space improvements.

Edward Azria brings a unique perspective to your projects, combining a designer’s eye for current trends, a broker’s experience on what sells and general contractor’s integration of vendors and attention to detail.

EAC projects deliver increased marketability of your property due to our research into the design elements that have been proven to be in high demand with buyers.  And with the EAC approach – a single point of contact from vision and design to project management and execution – you can feel confident that your projects will come in on-time, on-budget and with a successful end product.


For homeowners who are looking to update their space, EAC can help.

It starts with a consultation working with your existing designer or leveraging our services to develop a plan that takes into account your ideas, desires and budget. We emphasize flowing spaces and updated finishes that create a distinctive home, and not just an anonymous unit.

But unlike others, we don’t stop at design recommendations. Edward Azria brings his experience and research to the selection of changes that have the highest impact to the value of your home. EAC also has deep contracting knowledge of the NYC market and can pull from multiple vendors and bid out jobs as needed. From navigating the buildings requirements to keeping you abreast of the progress and sticking to the budget we make a daunting task smooth.

Your projects will have enhanced design, comfort and personalization today and higher marketable value in the future.


∙ Suite mix
∙ Floor plan consultation and review
∙ Amenity space consultation and review
∙ Common space consultation and review
∙ Sales & Leasing Programs

∙ Interior finish package consultation and review
∙ Value engineering
∙ Lease up strategies
∙ Designer selection consultation


∙ Design consultation
∙ Layout review
∙ Material selections
∙ Project management

∙ Bidding
∙ Alteration agreement submission
∙ Project updates and scheduling